The Mozart Coffee shop, Gurgaon: Food Here, Brew of numerous Moods!

Would not it be difficult to make a restaurant named after an Austrian composer that serves Indian, Oriental in addition to Western cuisine and is situated in Gurgaon India?

Worth realizing in the Mozart Café

The Mozart Café is inspired by & named following the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This café is really a mélange of numerous things varied like interiors, music and, obviously, the fare it provides! But never misses its goals.

The mind-child of 4 people combine may be the mantra for that Mozart Café. The interiors are inspired by very modern and concrete chic existence, your meals are a spin-from the traditional and also the atmosphere is really a brew of numerous moods.

Such as the timelessness of Mozart’s Magic Flute, the tune that performed for any better area of the evening, everything in the Mozart Café falls into position though it always ran the chance of spilling over.

Certainly one of partner’s in the Mozart Café’ is stated to become a leading exponent of bar tending in India and also the medley of drinks reflects this. Aside from the usual poisons the bar menu features a variety of classic cocktails having a mega makeover, which is not for that faint hearted.

Things to Get your meals at The Mozart Café’?

Every considered of the Tom Yummy Martini? Yes, the idea of the tangy Thai soup inside a Martini avatar may be fascinating but seriously, who within their right mind might have created something as bizarre because this? The mish-mash of flavors in a few of the other martinis such as the Third Degree, Vodka shaken within-house spice syrup which has a star aniseed chaser, Monta Rosa, eco-friendly apple Martini taste good as you would expect but many of these would fall within the acquired taste gallery however that does not mean you need to be put off by providing them with a go! Besides vodka, the bar has similar concoctions in other spirits too and Zaza, a mixture of cooked plums and rum sticks out.

Similar to the grand piano formed DJ console, the elegant lighting and a number of additional features that certain would find hard to blend, the meals from around the world all comes together within an unpredicted fashion. Recption menus includes universal favorites but similar to the drinks the meals too undergoes layers of transformation before reaching your table. The person behind the meals, Chef Niranjan Chauhan’s deftness at strongly mixing different flavors infuses freshness in otherwise mundane regulars. Marinated with Thai chilies and red peppers the flavour from the Chicken Tikka here’s an event by itself! Similarly the majority of the starters incorporate a dash of some wild taste that simply causes it to be diverse do try the Braised Lamb, Hoisin and Five Spices Chicken (a little bit dry but appealing nonetheless) but for the vegetarians it is the Malai Tikka, which just melts and never to overlook the Achari Pineapple.

For that primary course the Rosted Fennel flavored Ocean Bass combined with the pernod sauce was attempted and let us just say this a person’s strictly for ocean bass enthusiasts but if you’re a white-colored meat person then your Chicken Scallopine in hazelnut cream sauce ought to be the call during the day. Even when you have had your fill do try the Bailey’s Crème Brulee, the exceptional flavored dessert is a fantastic way to sign off.

Featuring gigs for fun on saturday, the 70 plus seating which does not range from the outside seating The Mozart Café is really a relatively recent name in Gurgaon’s food map. Still it remains certainly one of individuals locations that are not yet been fully discovered. The atypical mixture of cuisine attaches a particular feeling of uniqueness towards the place which is a normal clientele which includes a healthy quantity of expats. This can be a place that may require a while to develop for you but when it will then chances are you will not release that simply.

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