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Travelling broadens the mind. It introduces you to different cultures and different ways of life. Travel also brings a range of cuisines and ingredients to your table, one of which is different sweets. Called candy in many countries outside Europe, sweets that combine the sweet tang of sugars and flavors are common to almost all cultures. But in the case of Mexican Candy, it brings the tang of sugar and the heat of spice.

What’s different about Mexican Candy?

Like all dishes, Mexican candy has a story to tell. As with all cultures, the people of Mexico used abundant ingredients to create the dishes that we know and love today.

Mexico, like many of the other countries of Latin and South America, has a tropical climate. Dry and rainy seasons along with little variation in temperature throughout the year give rise to an abundance of vegetable and fruit crops.

The heat of the sun is captured in these veggies and fruits, giving rise to succulent citrus fruits and spicy vegetables, such as chilies and peppers.

The cuisine is not all about spice, however. There are cooler dishes, with many Mexican

There is a love of combining the sweet and the sour in Mexican cooking and tempering the heat of spice with the tang of citrus or sugar. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Mexican candy.

The best candy to try

Anything with tamarind…

Tamarind is an unremarkable-looking fruit. Its brown, pod-like features betray the flavor contain in its fibers and pulp. With notes of sweetness and sourness, tamarind changes its flavorsome notes depending on the ingredients it is combined with.

Tamarind Mexican candy is many and varied. In some products, you’ll detect notes of watermelon, in others a tart sourness that dances on the roof of your mouth.

Chili and chocolate

It’s not unusual to see chocolate providing the sweet notes of Mexican dishes – is a chili con carne really a chili without chocolate? – and so you won’t be surprised at the huge range of chili and chocolate candy.

From chili lollipops to chocolate laced with chili and other hot spices, it’s a taste sensation unlike any other.

Tropical fruit candy

The range of tropical fruits on offer in Mexico is unlike anything you’ll see at your local supermarket. When the temperature soars, Mexicans turn to tropical fruit for flavor, nourishment and hydration.

When you want candy without the heat, you’ll notice that Mexican candy offers you plenty of choice. From the subtle taste of refreshing watermelon to the tingle of guava and its combination of pear and strawberry flavors, there are tropical fruit chewy candy bars to choose from as well as dipping powders to enjoy.

Something traditional

If there is one Mexican candy that pulls all this together, it is the balls of gummy candy. There is the tang of tamarind, the heat of chili and the subtle sweetness of watermelon all delivered in one chewy ball of lusciousness.

Part of your travel experience

Candy and sweets are an important part of the history and culture of a country. Mexican candy is no exception.

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