Ido Fishman Recommends Essential Kitchen Tools to Have

Whether you are a beginner cook, shopping for someone who is just starting out, or are outfitting your kitchen from scratch, there are some essential kitchen tools you need to get. With the huge variety out there, it is easy to get confused, so Ido Fishman has recommended some for your ease and convenience. You can check them out below:

  • Chef’s knife

Also known as a French knife, a chef’s knife is a specific type of knife with a curved blade and a heavy bolster. It should be at least 8 to 10 inches long and should also be comfortable in your hand.

  • Stainless steel skillet

There is a debate about whether you need a cast iron skillet or stainless steel skillet. The latter is recommended by Ido Fishman and other experts because it can do everything a cast iron does and can also handle acidic ingredients like wine and tomatoes, which a cast iron cannot do. The seasoning of the cast iron pan deteriorates due to acid. Opt for a heavy gauge stainless steel that has a pair of oven-safe handles and a lid.

  • Measuring cups

When you are cooking, it is a given that you will have to measure some things, but this doesn’t mean that you settle for measuring scoops that come in different fractions of a cup. Rather, it is better to get a two-cup glass measuring cup that has markings on the outside. Ido Fishman recommends that you get a heat-proof glass, which can be used safely in the microwave and for keeping hot liquids.

  • Sheet pan

If there is one kitchen tool that’s highly versatile, it is a sheet pan that can be used for roasting meats, veggies and potatoes, along with baking cookies and other sweet treats. In fact, you can even prepare an entire meal on it. A quarter or half sheet is the ideal choice for most home cooks, as it is roomy but not that big for the oven. You should get a heavy aluminum one and avoid those that have nonstick coating. The best things about aluminum sheet pans is that it can survive all kinds of abuse, whether it is scratching, scraping or something else.

  • Probe thermometer

According to Chef Ido Fishman, this particular tool can make roasting meats a no-brainer. The probe should be placed in the center of the meat and then the device should be set to your desired temperature. When the meat reaches that specific temperature, it will beep and you will have the perfect taste.

  • Omelet pan

This can be used for other things as well, but if you cook eggs like scrambled eggs, fried eggs or omelets, you will need a dedicated omelet pan. Flipping is easy with the sloping sides and you can avoid all kinds of mishaps with the nonstick surface. Chef Ido Fishman suggests that you use a silicone spatula and avoid metal. If you usually make a two-egg omelet, an 8 inch pan will do the trick, or get a 10-inch pan if you use more eggs.

  • Mixing bowls

Similar to sheet pans, you can never have too many mixing bowls. As aluminum bowls react with acidic ingredients, it is best to go with stainless steel ones to avoid unpleasant flavors. Glass also works, but it is quite heavy and can also break. Stainless steel is durable, stackable and light and four of them will take the same space as a single one, so it is better to get several of them. Whether you are just tossing potatoes in olive oil and salt before roasting them, or marinating your fajitas, you will be using these every time you do any cooking.

Some other tools recommended by Ido Fishman include tongs and ceramic baking dish, which can also come in handy in the kitchen in different cooking tasks and can help you in multiple ways.

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