Azuri Coffee shop in Hell’s Kitchen, New york city

Azuri Coffee shop is a superb, small Middle Eastern restaurant on a corner of 51st street and tenth avenue in New You are able to City. The whole space is adopted by five small tables, some chairs along with a small kitchen. Usually there’s three employees working at anyone time. All of them prepare and serve customers and extremely understand how to have great food.

Azuri is renowned for their great falafel choices regardless of whether you order it in the pita or have it in platter form. On the majority of top falafel lists of recent You are able to City, you will see Azuri at the very top. They likewise have a number of other menu options including shwarma, gyro not to mention fried potatoes. You actually can’t fail with ordering the common products around the menu.

Who owns Azuri who’s ever present, manning the check out, is extremely seriously interested in his restaurant and choices. He never appears to stay in a great mood and will not usually provide you with a smile or perhaps be that friendly. But anybody who would go to Azuri is aware of this about him and expects it, therefore it does not bother lots of people.

If you are searching for many good authentic Middle Eastern cuisine inside a relaxed setting, take a look at Azuri Coffee shop. You can find for delivery through Seamless Web, take-out or wallow in it and eat. The climate is not exceptional, but when you are on the run, it is a nice quick choice for a hearty meal. Enjoy the food both at home and in the office could be every bit as good.

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